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How It works 2

Explore what our Strongsuits are working on

Each project or event is individual to each member, but our blog is a perfect place to get an idea of what our community of Strongsuits is working on. Some are big, some are huge, and some tasks are smaller - but they all relieve the mental load.



Strongsuits continuously post research in members' portal. As options are posted, members receive email notifications. Responses can be sent in the portal, over email, or via text.

As projects come up between huddle calls, members can reach out to their Strongsuit via email or text anytime. We don't need to wait for the next huddle call to get that next thing checked off your list.

Huddle Call

Once a month you have a call with your dedicated Strongsuit. In preparation for your call, they send you an agenda 48 hours in advance. The agenda includes events and projects you’ve identified (e.g. photo books, baby shower, moving, etc.) and ones they have flagged (e.g. upcoming birthdays, summer camp planning, anniversary plans, etc.).




Strongsuit Portal

All of the research that your Strongsuit does for you is posted in your portal. Each task has a post and is updated with at least three options. You can easily email posts to family and friends.

You can provide feedback to your Strongsuit through the portal, via email, or over text. There is no limit on feedback or research iterations and no expiration date on posts.


Getting it Done

Once your Strongsuit has found you the perfect option or planned the perfect event and you’ve signed off, they handle the follow through. We play the phone tag, arrange the delivery, and handle the purchasing so you just have to show up with no surprises.

We use Lastpass to securely access your allowed accounts so when you give us the go ahead your Strongsuit can get it done on etsy, Amazon, or with local vendors without asking you administrative follow up questions. We send you all of the confirmations so you have everything at your fingertips.



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