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Unlimited Access
Remembering all your dates
Relevant reminders so you never miss a date (birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, school vacations, etc.)
Sign-up Reminders
So you never miss a sign-up (camps, travel dates, bookings, etc.)
Life Project Playbooks
Playbooks to to break-down life's challenges into week-by-week tasks (moving, birthday parties, holiday prep, etc.)
Task Prioritization
Tools to prioritize what really needs to get done
Personalized Recommendations
Personalized recommendations on where to look, what to buy, and what questions to ask
Chat Support
Chat support with a human to help with personalized research
Project Coaching
Expert tips if we see something is stalled or going off-track
Scheduling Help
A partner to make a call or two on your behalf.
Making all Calls
A partner to make all the calls on your behalf
Booking Appointments
Booking the appointments needed to complete the projects
Managing Purchases
Purchasing any items or gifts needed to complete each project
Unlimited Iterations
Unlimited iterations to re-visit the same project as needed
Dedicated human support
A real person to email, text, or call
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