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Strongsuit gives your team time and mind space so they can be their most productive.

A tech-enabled family concierge to keep everything outside of work running smoothly.
Strongsuit is Backed by Innovators
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Strongsuit Numbers speak for themselves:
180+ hours per year per member saved
Less than 5% member turn over year over year
Same account growth doubling year over year
Over 2.5x ROI on average for corporate memberships

Strongsuit "allows me to be more focused at work. Freeing up my mind to focus on mentoring and coaching my team...and producing exceptional work."

Strongsuit has "made a true difference in my enjoyment and ability to feel less stressed. I am more proactive than reactive.”

“Strongsuit feels like a friend…I feel that they truly want to support my success; professionally and personally.”

“Everything about this service has been absolutely wonderful and rewarding…their services allow me to spend quality and meaningful time with my family..”

“I had been searching for a solution to help me juggle all of life's demands as a working parent. Every working parent needs Strongsuit.”

Why You Should Care

Employee Burn Out is Costing You

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It's not about work
Employees opt out or step off the gas not because of what's happening at work, but because of everything that isn't happening at home.
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94% of employees
Say the mental load of managing their home & personal life impacts their work.
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70% of rising leaders report burnout
And 55% of employees state they cannot balance home and work life.
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"Lack of Commitment" to relationships
How Strongsuit Works for Employers

A 20-seat Strongsuit membership is more cost efficient than 1 full-time administrative assistant.

Let Strongsuit carry the burden of training and maintaining team support for everything going on outside of the office. Because people who are great at scheduling meetings and running interference can't always manage camp sign-ups, track down a roofer, or plan a birthday.
Set up time to Talk

Strongsuit works for employers

Getting Strongsuit for your team is easy and painless.
Step 01
Employer provides a list of email addresses of recipients of Strongsuit. Strongsuit then works directly with individuals to set up confidential profiles and start relieving their mental load.
Step 02
Strongsuit provides Quarterly Reporting on usage, satisfaction, and any employer identified goals (i.e. burnout, company satisfaction, etc.).
How Strongsuit Works for Members

Strongsuit works for individual members

Strongsuit focuses on clearing the administrative headaches (car appointments, home repairs, remembering birthdays) and creating quality time (family activities, dates, holidays and trips, etc.) that allow employees to be their most productive.
Step 01
Strongsuit onboards each individual member, learning about their family and their needs.
Step 02
Strongsuit reacts to the biggest blockers and starts to predict what will be needed next.
Step 03
Strongsuit uses chat within our app to communicate directly with members. All communication is organized in their account for easy access and prioritization.
Step 04
Strongsuit reminds members of what's coming up and gets them the research they need.
Step 05
Strongsuit keeps it moving so members aren't bogged down in details and follow through.

Areas where we make the biggest difference for our members

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Celebrations Big & Small
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Childcare & Caregiving
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Quality Time
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Life Changes & Challenges
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How Employers get started with Strongsuit

Start with a pilot.

Typically a company engages Strongsuit with a pilot of 20-40 seats for an initial 12 month contract.

Let us help identify who on your team needs Strongsuit most.

Companies often identify groups of leaders to support based on different factors. Some choose to support sales leads with large books of business, others choose to support at-risk leadership pipelines, like junior partners, while others offer Strongsuit as support through a big promotion. We are happy to connect about the challenges your organization is facing to help identify a cohort for maximum impact.

Lean into our flexibility.

Teams change - especially in this environment. Strongsuit seats can be reassigned as needed.

Recognize it’s about the little and big things.

Sure, it’s about the daily details. But it’s also about the milestones that sneak up on you. Or the decisions you didn’t know were coming. Strongsuit handles it all. So you feel confident about the big things while never sweating the small stuff.

Embrace the individuality and uniqueness on your team and lean into a human connection.

We love AI. It helps Strongsuit power all of the reminders, catalogue the best research and track where everything stands. But Strongsuit isn’t using it to replace our humans. Talking to humans, the same human, based here in the US makes all the difference. We treat each member as an individual, even if they are part of a large employee contract.

Strongsuit Leadership
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Lindsey Michaelides

Co-Founder and CEO

Christy Kent


Andrew Roth


Michele Kothe

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Common Questions

How much does Strongsuit cost?

Strongsuit memberships cost $6,000 per member per year, but depending on the size of the pilot, preferred rates are available.

How secure is personal information with Strongsuit?

Extremely. We use vetted third party software, BitWarden, for sharing of any personal accounts. Strongsuit never uses group generative AI tools and all of our predictive technology is Strongsuit built and maintained. Strongsuit is not added as a company software and never has access to enterprise information.

What doesn’t Strongsuit do?

We can’t pretend to be a member. This comes up mostly in healthcare and legal settings. For instance, to change or cancel doctor appointments or submit insurance claims, HIPAA requires the provider to state that they are speaking with the patient or guardian. Since we are neither of those, we can’t do those tasks. We also can’t sign contracts on a member's behalf. But we have lots of ways to still streamline processes.‍

We also aren't boots on the ground. So if you need someone to pick up the dry cleaning or take a return to UPS, we aren't your best solution. We like to think that instead of putting out the fires, we are fireproofing life.

Can you make purchases on a member's behalf?

Yes! We have a secure way for members to share credit cards, loyalty accounts, and other pertinent information so we can get the things done with limited back and forth.

How do you determine your recommendations?

We are extremely proud of our combination of researching reviews, using first-hand experience, and access to different industry experts. We use this combination with your unique parameters to come up with our recommendations. We do not receive any compensation from outside companies, so all of our recommendations are non-sponsored. Our only upside is happy members!

What if I still have questions?

If you still have questions or need more information, we'd love to set up a 20 minute call. Simply find a time that works best for you and we can get everything you need live.