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Your time is irreplaceable.
So is your peace of mind.
Strongsuit delivers both.

A tech-enabled family concierge to keep everything outside of work running smoothly.
Strongsuit is Backed by Innovators
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Strongsuit is the only membership that knows what it takes to actually keep life outside of work running saving members  180+ hours on average per year.
Strongsuit keeps things moving so you don’t have to. The anticipation, the research, the execution so all you have to do is make the decision. And never feel like you dropped the ball, again.
How Strongsuit Works

Go from reacting and surviving to deciding and thriving.

Strongsuit creates the space you need to make the decisions that make the most sense for your family.
Join Strongsuit

Strongsuit is recognizing, re-valuing, and relieving your mental load.

Step 01
Strongsuit gets to know you and your family.
Step 02
Strongsuit remembers it all—from the big milestones to focus on to the small stuff to clear quickly.
Step 03
Strongsuit gets you the research you need to make the best and quickest decisions.
Step 04
Strongsuit makes sure it keeps moving so you know it is happening.

Areas where we make the biggest difference for our members

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Celebrations Big & Small
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Childcare & Caregiving
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Quality Time
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Life Changes & Challenges
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“Without Strongsuit, I wouldn’t have been able to fully focus on growing my business, scaling it as quickly as I did, and keep my family’s needs met.

“Everything about this service has been absolutely wonderful and rewarding. Strongsuit allows me to spend quality and meaningful time with my family.”

“Strongsuit feels like a friend…I feel that they truly want to support my success; professionally and personally.”

“Strongsuit has made a true difference in my enjoyment and ability to feel less stressed.”

Why People Choose Strongsuit

I don’t know how to ask for help.

Just tell us what to do? No need. Strongsuit knows you well enough to anticipate what’s coming and when to focus on it. We predict what research you’ll need to make the best decision for your family. And then we manage the follow through.

It’s really hard to just “outsource it” or telling people what I need is harder than just doing it myself.

Strongsuit totally gets that. Giving someone else a to-do list with specific instructions isn't all that freeing. That's why it's our goal to beat you to the punch remembering the things and giving you the research and information you need. Sure, there will be things that we can't anticipate like celebrating a friend's promotion or supporting a parent through an illness. But once you tell us what's going on, Strongsuit will start on the research so you can focus on the decisions and being present.

I need to find someone that I trust as much as I trust myself.

The best partners give as much as they take. Strongsuit gives you the reminders, research, and follow-through while you give Strongsuit your goals, decisions, and roadblocks that stand in your way. Plus, we consider feedback a gift. If we don't get it right the first time, you don't need to sugar coat it. We keep working on it until it's exactly what you need.

It’s about the little and big things.

Sure, it’s about the daily details. But it’s also about the milestones that sneak up on you. Or the decisions you didn’t know were coming. Strongsuit handles it all. So you feel confident about the big things while never sweating the small stuff.

My family’s challenges are unique, so a fully automated solution just won’t work for us.

We love AI. It helps Strongsuit power all of the reminders, catalog the best research and track where everything stands. But Strongsuit isn’t using it to replace our humans. Talking to the same person that knows you brings nuance and trust. And we have a team of people researching the best gifts, products, and services - the things we would use ourselves.

Strongsuit Leadership
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Lindsey Michaelides

Co-Founder and CEO

Andrew Roth


Michele Kothe


Christy Kent

Membership Pricing

$599/month or $1,500/quarter

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30 day cancellation
Cancellation with no worries or fuss! We want you to feel confident and comfortable trying out our service, so take your time and give it a go.
Icon of a document with a pencil
No long term contract
We don't believe in locking you in so we have a variety of plans. Choose monthly, quarterly or yearly - whatever works best for you.
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No joining fee
We believe in keeping things simple and straightforward, so you can focus on enjoying your freedom Strongsuit gives you.

Common Questions

What's my limit with my membership?

Strongsuit doesn't have a limit to how often you use us and we don't track hours, etc. Instead we focus you on three things at a time before moving on to something new. This allows us to give you the best support without pulling your attention in a million different directions. We prioritize based on what's coming up on the calendar, but you can always rearrange if there's something really important to you.

How quickly does Strongsuit respond?

We commit to getting back to you within two working days. Usually we are back in touch much more quickly, but you'll never be waiting for days or weeks to get moving towards relief.

What doesn’t Strongsuit do?

We can’t pretend to be you. This comes up mostly in healthcare and legal settings. For instance, to change or cancel doctor appointments or submit insurance claims, HIPAA requires the provider to state that they are speaking with the patient or guardian. Since we are neither of those, we can’t do those tasks. We also can’t sign contracts on your behalf. But we have lots of ways to still streamline processes so you spend less time figuring out what to do and where you need to take action.

We also aren't boots on the ground. So if you need someone to pick up the dry cleaning or take a return to UPS, we aren't your best solution. We like to think that instead of putting out the fires, we are fireproofing your life.

Can I let someone else use my membership? Like my partner?

You are welcome to share your portal access with your partner. We can't wait to introduce our new family feature where you both have unique log-ins, but for now you can both log in with the member email and password.

Can you make purchases on my behalf?

Yes! Once you become a member we have a secure way for you to share credit cards, loyalty accounts, and other pertinent information so we can get the things done with limited back and forth.

Do you have special VIP access?

No, we focus on making the possible painless rather than delivering the impossible. We work with you to stay ahead of upcoming events and reduce needs for last minute reservations. We do not have special access or VIP channels for our recommendations.

How do you determine your recommendations?

We are extremely proud of our combination of researching reviews, using first-hand experience, and access to different industry experts. We use this combination with your unique parameters to come up with our recommendations. We do not receive any compensation from outside companies, so all of our recommendations are non-sponsored. Our only upside is happy members!

What if I still have questions?

If you still have questions or need more information, we'd love to set up a 15 minute call. Simply find a time that works best for you and we can get everything you need live.

Strongsuit for Employers

The best teams have the best support.
Help your star players stay in the game by getting them the help they really need.